Dunrite HVAC Services, Inc.

Sandra Dickinson,
Office Manager

In the early 70's I worked as bookkeeper for our family owned Paving Construction Company. In the early 80's I took a job in the Food Industry. I loved my job because I was able to mingle with the customers and make sure there needs were taken care of. In late 1998 the restaurant where I was working closed and I started working in Home Health profession . In late 2002 while visiting with Steve and family he ask if I would be interested in coming to work for Dunrite. I went to Arizona for a boot camp training. On March 3, 2003 I started working for Dunrite as office Manager. I enjoy working with our customers and making sure their problems are taken care of. I am married and have a daughter and six sons.


Office number: 972-562-8055
fax number: 972-548-8308